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Putih Pekat

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Template author:Iksandi

Putih Pekat is a free premium blogger template with 2 columns, left sidebar, minimalist, an exclusive design for Blogger, ads ready, footer columns, slider, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, related posts support, well designed threaded comments and neutral colors.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or photography.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 145 bloggers and 117 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. mair 24 April 2013

    hi everyone! anyone know how to change the type treatment of the snippet? (to make it not uppercase… for example?)

  2. rubbieane 8 May 2013

    Hi admin. What should i do to removee the “Read Article” thumbnail??? look at my blog pls

    • fernanda 12 August 2014

      Someone know how to change the “read article” so that the post will appear complet and not just a part of it?

  3. jasmina 8 May 2013

    Hi. Can someone help me with code? I was trying to change post so that instead of one picture and text would be two pictures and text + read article. How can I do this?

  4. Laura 12 May 2013

    Does anyone know why my posted by: author and comments links aren’t lining up with the text snipper? I’ve noticed on some blogs it’s aligned and on some it’s not.

  5. suz 13 May 2013

    Help! Pictures not appearing on blog posts, on main page….
    (Where do you put these in main text when writing your blog?)

    • suz 13 May 2013

      figured it out –
      Each post must have a title for picture to appear on home page

    • Mafalda Martins 28 May 2013

      Hi! How did you resolved the problem? Thank you!

    • Katarina 7 August 2013

      Hey, my post had no pictures too before, but then i figured out that it’s because I add ” (quotation mark) into the title. I don’t know if you did the same to post too but I hope that removing any symbols from the tile help.

  6. Ari 25 May 2013

    Is it possible to make the pictures smaller in the popular post section? If not can you just have one image up there?

  7. Mafalda Martins 28 May 2013

    Do you know how I make the pictures appear in all preview posts? Because there are posts that have images, and the first image don’t appear in the main page…
    Help me

  8. christina 8 June 2013

    you really should incorporate somewhere to grab the HTML from. this 80 step process for downloading the template is a bit much.

  9. Chantel 25 June 2013

    Can anyone help me get the Linkwithin widget to display on my homepage, as well as the post pages? Currently, it only shows on the post pages, and I can’t find the widget in the HTML coding.

  10. cheyenne 28 June 2013

    hi ! how can i add a new page ? we only have the main page but we would like to add some pages. We would really appreciate the help ! Also any way to make the page wider ? And makinf photos not get larger on the main page ? Thanks !

  11. Charlie Reynolds 28 June 2013

    Hi there. For some reason on the popular posts icon at the top, the desrcirption for a blog post seems to be permantly there, over laying the blogs that are moving in the section to show which ones are popular?

  12. aino 30 June 2013

    Hey ! How can i make photos not turn bigger in the main page ? The photos turn into so bad quality when they get bigger >.<

  13. aino 30 June 2013

    Hi ! How can I change that the photos I add in my posts do not turn bigger in the main page ? Photos seem to get a really bad quality ! >.<

  14. Piotr 18 July 2013

    Greate template! Although I’d like to change the appearance – posts on the left and menus on the right. Anyone could explain me how to do this?

  15. Katarina 7 August 2013

    Hii, there happens to be a problem with the popular page section. Usually it had the slideshow thing going on but now it just drags down to a list. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance 🙂


  16. nick 18 August 2013

    I am having the problem of only one post per page being displayed. The blogger settings has it set at 5, so somewhere in the HTML is an option. no clue what I’m looking for though. any help?

  17. Tamara 11 October 2013

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    Can someone please explain why the photo in the popular post section at the top of the page is not showing. Only the text in front of it is appearing

    • intan 20 July 2014

      go to your layout, choose “popular post”, click edit, and then checklist photo thumbnail. Save

  18. Sonja 25 November 2013

    How do I get the posts to be centered instead of on the left hand side?

  19. Jordi 11 December 2013

    First, Very nice template. Thanks a lot.
    I have only one problem. When I open the blog, the Popular posts slider shows as a list for a second before it became an slider, and then it works well. Can it be solved?

    PD, for those who see this overlaping text over popular posts slider, I think it is because you have two popular post widgets, one in top and another in side. This happens to me. and I solved leaving only one opoular posts in the top for the slider.

  20. wtr 16 December 2013

    I understand how I can remove the snippets to show the entire post. But i always use a jump break after the first paragraph, so that on the homepage you’ll see the first paragraph and when you click read more, you’ll see the entire post.

    Any idea how I can make it so that you’ll see only the first paragraph of the post on the homepage?


  21. Sam 17 December 2013

    Can anyone post up the entire XML code into an online database somewhere? I’m on my macbook, and I’m not able to open the file for some reason.

    I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  22. Caitlin 7 February 2014

    The photo that appears behind the “Popular Posts” bar doesn’t display it just has this loading icon that appears and never loads anything. Does anyone know how to fix it? or how to upload a different image?

    • Carmen 4 November 2014

      I have the same problem. Someone please help!

  23. Estefania Gonzalez 5 March 2014

    Thanks a lot, I love it. It works very well.

  24. Estefania Gonzalez 5 March 2014

    Thanks a lot, I love it. It’s works very well.

  25. debasree 26 April 2014

    How do I change the size of the post preview and popular page slide so that It doesn’t crop my images and show the entire image instead of just a part of it. Somebody please reply. Thanks.

  26. Daniela 11 October 2014

    can anybody tell me how to remove the ‘popular posts’ slider, i don’t want it anymore and when i try to delete that chunk from my html it just ruins the whole blog instead of just deleting the slider so i think i may be eliminating the wrong bit :/

  27. Carmen 4 November 2014

    I have the same problem! someone please help!

    • Daniela 5 November 2014

      I worked out how to delete the popular post slider. Locate it in the html and where it says ‘true’ change it to ‘false’ (or vice versa i don’t quite remember). Then you should be able to delete it on the layout page.

  28. Lily 11 November 2014

    HELP! Does anybody know how to get rid of the labels showing across the image on the home page? Lovely template and I don’t want to delete it because of this aspect, but I need to keep the labels, just don’t want them ruining my images!!!

  29. vicente 12 November 2014

    so, i’ve realized that a lot of people have trouble with images.
    What happens to me now is that i uploaded a picture and it won’t appear on the main page, and, therefore, won’t appear on “popular posts”.

    to see if the problem was the picture, i went to another post where the picture was working fine, deleted it and uploaded again – the very same picture – but this time it won’t appear.

    and now if i create a new post it won’t show any pictures on the main page

    I have no idea where the problem is.

    • Addison 12 November 2014

      I am having the exact same trouble ^ is this occuring with everyone? How do I fix it?

    • strawfake 13 November 2014

      Same here, what the hell?

    • Chris 13 November 2014

      I’m having the same issue. Previous posts are fine but a post I tried to put up yesterday didn’t show the picture on the main page. Tried adding a post using pictures from previous posts that did work but they didn’t show in the new post. Any ideas anyone?

    • Brian 13 November 2014

      Just noticed the same issues. Old images that worked before has http URL. The new ones that don’t work have https URL.

    • strawfake 14 November 2014

      It works now, You need to reupload the image.

    • Chris 14 November 2014

      I’ve tried re-uploading but the same issue. Also tried doing a new post and uploading a new image, still not showing.

      Brian, I didn’t notice this before you mentioned but that is the same in my code (old pic http / new uploads https) I’m guessing this is were the issue lies.

      Is there anything I need to add to the html to account for this or should it just resolve automatically?

    • Brian 15 November 2014

      Edited the same post by re-uploading all the photos and they are now properly using HTTP and working fine

  30. Ana 5 December 2014

    Hi there!
    First of all I have to give many thanks to this template creators, is what I was looking for…simple, elegant and so clean that I couldn´t wait much longer to launch my blog.
    I don´t need to change it too much, but I have a problem with the slideshow: I was able to stop it (With the true/false) but I need to fix a picture there, always the same with the right dimensions. Not all the pictures accept that dimension size. Would anyone help me with this?
    MAny thanks

  31. MARIEL 30 January 2015


  32. Kelly 4 February 2015

    I have followed the instructions so that the full article is displayed instead of a snippet but it is showing double pictures now and I can’t get rid of this. There have been some other comments about this previously but no answers yet. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    Many Thanks

  33. Amelia 22 July 2015

    Is there any way to remove the labels that sit on top of images? I don’t like having my labels visible on my main screen, especially on a picture.

  34. Bets Book 24 October 2015

    Bon template gratuit. Il va aussi bien sur Google chrome que sur IE. Mes images ont 850 px de large. Le bandeau défile si j’indique 3 posts populaires. Si j’en indique plus, il se bloque. On peut regretter que les images n’apparaissent pas en entier, mais rien n’est parfait.

  35. Bets Book 25 October 2015

    To remove the title of a widget, just write : for the title.

  36. Bets Book 25 October 2015

    To remove the title of a widget, just write h1 between twice times instead of the title.

  37. Ariel 10 December 2015

    This template doesn’t work for me anymore 🙁
    I’ve had it for around 2 years now but the side bar on the left side disappeared. Does it have something to do with an update from blogger? I don’t know anything about the code. Can someone please help?

    • Francisco 10 December 2015

      Hi Ariel. The demo blog is working well. Maybe it is related with something you added recetly?

    • Ariel 11 December 2015

      I haven’t changed anything since I don’t know about coding.
      I’ve tried restoring to the template downloaded from here. And since the last new post I had in October 28th I haven’t changed anything. If I click into the post however the side bar is still there. Only the home page is missing the side bar… 🙁

    • Francisco 12 December 2015

      Publish your blog url here, I gonna check it out 🙂

  38. Wawan Beneran 22 March 2017

    I have modified this template and make it responsive, anyone can check my last modified on “GATEWAN” and also I make it like a forum, you can check it at

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