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Creative Art

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Template author:GosuBlogger

Creative Art is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, left sidebar, grunge style, floral motifs and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about art.

Download Creative Art for free in BTemplates.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 132 bloggers and 69 commenters.


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  1. dione 23 October 2008

    Mas a falta de variáveis o torna pouco prático…
    Uma pena.. 🙁

  2. Blujay 24 October 2008

    I’m trying to upload this template but I keep getting the same error msg:

    We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    How do I make sure “all XML elements are closed”?? I’m new to this stuff.

  3. Claudia 25 October 2008

    Did your upload the file directly from your computer? Or did you paste the text?

  4. pam 28 October 2008

    This template is lovely. But Archive is spelled without the C. just an FYI.

  5. antique 29 October 2008

    i have changed my template, but how can i edit it and back to blogger page?thanks anywayyy

  6. tri 29 October 2008

    my problem same as dione,
    and for claudia….
    i upload the file directly from my computer, so how do i make sure???

    thanks for ur answer..

  7. Amy 29 October 2008

    The third tab on the top should actually be “Archives,” not “Arhives.” Just thought I’d mention that.

  8. Çilekli Süt 4 November 2008

    thanks thanks thanks 🙂

  9. antique 7 November 2008

    dear claudia, why everybody couldnt post a comment in my blog using this templates? thank you

  10. Jena 7 November 2008

    I can’t personalize the “about us” “archives” and “contact us” – how do I do this? It keeps telling me there is an error on the screen.

  11. Megan 9 November 2008

    Hey there,

    I LOVE this template! Thanks so much for making it available to us.

    I’m having the same problems as Jena. Do you know how I can go about fixing them?


  12. Rom 19 November 2008

    Does anyone know how to edit the Contact Us page? I can’t find where to add text to it.

  13. Ken-LivefromTampaBay 8 December 2008

    For some reason the blog isn’t posting the date correctly. What am I doing wrong? Below each post is this:

    Posted on undefined undefined

    How can I fix this?

    Testing the site at:

  14. Kalika 11 December 2008

    My side bar (the part that says “Labels” in the preview image, is blank. How do I fix this?

  15. Kazuya-kun 24 December 2008

    The images hosted on PhotoBucked was deleted. Can you upload it again (on another server, like tinypic or imageshack)? This template is beautiful, but without the background images…

  16. Batoola 4 January 2009

    This is really creative. it’s pretty cool i liked it

    but i faced a problem once i add a post contains an image
    the image always goes on the left side and the text comes beside the image.. i dont know why??

    ===(for those who wanted to fix arhive)===

    i fixed the image on photoshop and i uploaded it
    so u can go to Layout>>edit HTML >>Click (ctrl+F)>>type (home)>>press Enter

    then u’ll find 4 codes for the (home, about us, archive,contact us)
    there r all similar

    go to the 3rd one
    copy the new link here

    then paste it instead of the previous link

    ===(for those who wanted to personalize (about us, contact us)===

    1st write a post (about us e.g.) then view it and copy the link

    then follow these steps
    go to Layout>>edit HTML >>Click (ctrl+F)>>type (home)>>press Enter

    then u’ll find 4 codes for the (home, about us, archive,contact us)
    there r all similar

    now paste the link of ur post (about us e.g.) instead of this (#)

    depending on the order
    1st=home,2nd=about us….etc.

    then save every thing

    gd luck
    : )

  17. Batoola 4 January 2009

    thnx God i fixed my problem
    by changing (left) to (center)
    in the template codes

    but like antique said no one could post a comment
    if anyone fix it tell us plz =|

    once u add labels to ur posts
    (under the post box there’s a small box for labels)
    this(Labels Side Bar)won’t be blank

    gd luck

  18. Maric 14 January 2009

    hi, I´ve been trying to download this template but I can´t.Somebody can help me please?

  19. Amethyst 25 February 2009

    Hi, guys.

    First all, thanks to Batoola for fixing the ‘archive’ bit. That helped me a lot. Brownie points.

    Secondly, I stumbled across the fix for the comments! At least it worked out on my page.

    In your Dashboard go to “Layout” and then click the “Edit HTML” tab.

    Once you see that big wall of code click Ctrl-F and search for Start SC . It’ll be near the bottom. Right under that will be the following patch of code:

    See where it says showaddelement=’yes’ ? You need to change that ‘no’ to ‘yes’ . That’s all I did and the comments were fixed.

    I hope it works for you all!

  20. Amethyst 25 February 2009

    Annnd it doesn’t show the code in the comment, does it. Just follow the second half of the comment, it should still work. Sorry!

  21. Alice 28 February 2009

    Wow!this template is gorgeous!many,many,many thanks to the author gosublogger and also amethyst & batoola for fixing it up here and there.. ^_^
    hmm,but i’m still figuring out how to do the flickr photostream..can anyone help?please and thank you in advance

  22. CELEBSIMAGE 11 March 2009

    This is really great for personal blog or for personal pages on blogger. Great work…

  23. Fede 13 March 2009

    Hello, I wanted to see how to change the phrase “undefined undefined” which is at the foot of the post, thanks!

  24. Ashlee 15 March 2009

    Hi Fede,

    I have the exact same question too! I left a comment on the designer’s page so hopefully he/she will get it and write us back with a solution! After looking at the source code for over an hour, the only thing that I can think of is somehow getting our blogger ID inside of the HTML, but I have no clue if that is the solution or how in the world to get my blogger ID! I’m done for the day, it’s giving me a headache to look at! Let me know if you figure it out!

  25. Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 15 March 2009

    Very creative theme for blogspot blog. Salute…

  26. mohen 20 March 2009

    thank you

  27. urba2 23 March 2009

    Absolutely awesome template gosublogger!
    Thanks for the fixes amethyst & batoola!

    Remaining Issues:
    Any idea how to fix the post date?

    For Example, when you post it states “Posted on undefined undefined” rather than the date and time the post occurred?


    Can you personalize the flickr photo stream?

    Melbourne, Australia

  28. Ashlee 25 March 2009

    No idea how to fix the post date. I’m trying to figure that out too!

  29. Fede 28 March 2009

    Not because the authors of these templates publish them, if they do not support or answer questions from users, damn!

  30. hERO 4 May 2009

    I use this template…thx

  31. juju 10 May 2009

    amethyst, I tried doing what you did but it still couldn’t work. 🙁 . why? I changed the showaddelement=’no’ to ‘yes’, but it still couldn’t work .

  32. LeAnn 12 May 2009

    Oh, I know how to fix the date problem for you guys.

    You have to go to Settings->Formatting and set BOTH Date Header Format and Timestamp Format to this format: Tuesday, May 12, 2009.

    That should fix it!

  33. techbreaking 2 June 2009

    This is a great theme. Thanks fot it..

  34. amazprice 12 June 2009

    Very nice and great theme. thank you

  35. blokshare 18 June 2009

    good theme

  36. bmwx7 23 June 2009

    I`ve used this template for my celebrity network blog. The visitors are increasing every day, cause of u ;). Great work!

  37. mvehicle 25 June 2009

    Ppl, please tell who resolve the problem with undefine
    2LeAnn: where can i find this settings???


  38. MüzikDinle 28 June 2009

    i will as rap music theme 🙂

  39. Thiago Henrik 9 July 2009

    I can’t fix the Comments problem! I did what Amethyst said, and still can’t post a comment. Help?

    Não consigo resolver o problema dos Comentários! Fiz o que “Amethyst” falou, e ainda não dá pra deixar comentários. Alguem pode ajudar?

    Valeu! Me manda e-mail por favor!

  40. Thiago Henrik 9 July 2009

    Well, i guess it only works if you set the comments to pop-up or full page.

  41. ahmed 11 July 2009

    coool thanx alot 😀

  42. vince 21 July 2009

    When I installed the template, the archive button is not working probably. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

  43. chelsea 30 July 2009

    I love a couple templates and really want to use them but I am finding the same problem as many others. I cannot upload the template without getting an error:
    We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    I have followed the instructions and nothing works. I am getting really frustrated. Oh also, tried yesterday. Then cleared my cookies and browser, etc. and tried again today. Yes I unzipped the file.

  44. chelsea 30 July 2009

    This is the error I get.
    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


    The server did not understand the request, or the request was invalid. Error processing resource ‘…

  45. swaar 4 August 2009

    This is a great theme. Thanks

  46. syniezam 11 August 2009

    Just like the name, “Creative Art”.
    Thanks for a nice template.

  47. jessica 19 August 2009

    love the layout, got everything linked and working properly, except the coding or whatever it is to make the section for “Recent Posts” show up is not showing up. Any help would be wonderful!

    Thanks so much!!

  48. jessica 19 August 2009

    Also, I have a black column down the right side of my blog, which I cannot figure out…any suggestions? Thanks!!

  49. Claudia 20 August 2009

    Jessica: Add a feed widget with your blog feed url. That is the only solution 😉

  50. jessica 20 August 2009

    Okay, so for someone who isnt super html smart, how would I do this? 🙂 (You’re not talking about the gadgets that say “add a gadget, your talking about coding right?) I can figure out coding if its there, but I cant create coding or do much stuff on my own…I’m just not that talented lol. Thanks!!

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