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Df Original is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar, web 2.0 design, fresh look, rounded corners, neutral colors and vectorial elements.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 174 bloggers and 33 commenters.


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  1. laddi 21 January 2009

    man, incredible, nothing can be like this, ever… mind blowing theme

  2. Alvaris Falcon 21 January 2009

    What can I say? Cool!

  3. Teddy Cheezy 21 January 2009

    i am a loyal visitor to DF , and i was wating for that theme for about a year !! since DF used it for his wordpress sie !!!
    nice one !!! like it !

  4. Benny 22 January 2009

    Is this available for wordpress.?

  5. Mallika 22 January 2009

    Benny, of course. It was a wordpress template first. 😉

    The WP template is found at the designer’s website. Here’s the link:

  6. Marcos 22 January 2009

    very gooooood! ^^

  7. Jorge 23 January 2009

    Excelente trabajo. Se ve igualito que la plantilla original. Nice and excellent work.

  8. Mallika 23 January 2009

    Benny, of course. It was a wordpress template first. 😉

    The WP template is found at the designer’s website (link in the details above). When you get there, click on Freebies in his menu and navigate around a bit, you’ll see it.

  9. Azhari 24 January 2009


  10. Nik Papageorgiou 24 January 2009

    Great template, but doesn’t seem to work on Blogger – won’t even upload. I get an error code that means that something in the template’s code is incompatible.

    Any advice?


  11. Eu 28 January 2009

    Lindo o melhor que vi ate hj tirando o meu 🙂

  12. roma 2 February 2009


  13. shazwan 5 February 2009

    hello…a very nice template…thanks a lot for uploading it..but I have problem here…I’ve used your template but I just want to know…how can I change the day to date…in my blog…it appear day and not can you please help me with the problem…=)

  14. Rzzn 14 February 2009

    shazwan, tienes que ir a configuracion>formato….en cabecera de fecha selecciona: 14 febrero 2009 (dia mes año); y en Formato de fecha del índice de archivos: febrero 2009 (mes año)

    Está excelente el tema…ya lo estoy adaptando a mi nuevo blog…solo quisiera saber como le puedo hacer para poner una imagen en vez de que salga el nombre del blog..alguien me podria ayudar con eso.?

  15. StEC 22 February 2009

    Any chance of getting this in English. I am having a very hard time editing the custom links and stuff? AWESOME template though!!! 🙂

  16. Henrique-m 1 March 2009

    Muito bom, precisa de umas pequenas configurações + nada que 30 minutos não resolvam =p

  17. C. 1 March 2009

    I love you man <3

  18. jxiscool 3 March 2009

    I love the template. But how do you change the tabs at the top and the options on the sides?

  19. ricardo 3 March 2009

    Como le pongo un menu como el del tema en mi blog no quiero poner el tema completo solo un meno igual a ese =D



  20. Jess 20 March 2009

    This is absolutely stunning. I ran into problems with it and I’m not that fond of the coding for the lower sidebar (I can’t have a regular archive or use a label cloud because it treats every single link in those as a separate sidebar item in its own gray box and then doesn’t format correctly at all), but it’s so beautiful that I can’t even really complain, lol. I’ll just deal with it and make other changes accordingly because I love the theme so much. Thank you!

  21. Steven 20 April 2009

    Great template!But it can’t work with blogspot.

  22. Aby 28 April 2009

    Hello Admin…
    Thankyou for sharing this awesome template!!!

    @ steven.. im using it with blogspot n its working excellent!

  23. jamez 16 May 2009

    yeah i’ve having trouble with the languages too
    how do you change the “Recentes” and “Anteriores”
    into english??

  24. indu 2 July 2009

    Dear admin…please look in to this problem….

    this theam not displaying properly…..

    it’s urgent for me….plz rectify it….

  25. aruna 25 July 2009

    i love this template,
    but the date box wasn’t look coreectly like at demo. its appear full name of month without date number.
    how i can fix it ?

  26. wpfan 2 September 2009

    mama wer is the wp theme demo i want demo plzz urgent here mama


  27. shorty 30 December 2009

    aruna – go to Settings > Formatting: Change “Date Header Format” to DD Month year (i.e. 30 December 2009).

  28. hana 22 January 2010

    Good Tempalte thank very much =)

  29. fang_dhe 11 March 2010

    thank you..

  30. Sybylla 5 January 2011

    Nice template. And I’m using with Blogger and works perfectly. Thanx for sharing!

  31. Sybylla 23 February 2011

    There is something wrong with the Imageshack images. I don’t know what’s wrong.

  32. Claudia 25 February 2011

    @Sybylla: If it has images hosted in imageshack, try to host them in any free photo hosting and replace the older image links.

  33. Borja 27 November 2011

    No está mal pero no se puede añadir una imagen de cabecera. Tienes que dejar el texto feo de titulo o nada. Si lo cambias por una imagen te desplaza parte del menú hacia abajo y te lo descuadra todo. Da igual el tamaño, siempre te lo descuadra.

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