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Elegant Grunge Blogger Template

Elegant Grunge

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About Elegant Grunge

Elegant Grunge is a free Blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look, grunge style and neutral colors.

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Author: Falcon Hive.
Designer: .

25 Questions and comments on Elegant Grunge

Jesusfreakazoid 4 September 2009 at 8:34

It worked Rahul!

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Jesusfreakazoid 4 September 2009 at 8:35

Does anyone know the height and width of the side bar so my videos will fit perfectly?

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Tomck@t 25 October 2009 at 13:45

is there a 3 column-version of this template? I’ve made a search, but didn’ find …yet.

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devotchka 23 November 2009 at 22:53

After installing, it doesn’t seem to display post authors. Any ideas?

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2Cents 29 November 2009 at 17:56

Maybe I’m missing something here. I’m using Firefox, and something is preventing me from downloading correctly. Please help.

↩ Reply
Claudia 29 November 2009 at 20:04

Try with a different browser this time… Maybe Internet Explorer ;)

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Raymond 17 March 2010 at 1:40

Thanks rahul!!!

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Bernardo 8 May 2011 at 10:17

I’musing your Elegant Grunge Theme in WordPress.
I really enjoyed that, but I’d like to increase the width of the placeholder (or the “background picture” behind) the post text and side bar, and I don’t know how can I do that. Can anyone help me?
I can vary the text but not the background..
Is it possible?

Thank you so much

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Mudassar Islam 29 November 2011 at 13:15

It is Looking better but is not.

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ken 11 December 2011 at 1:31

my problem is about the gadgets. my gadgets appeared all over the page when i installed the template. and i can’t manage the top gadgets on the dashboard unless i delete them. any advice on easy gadget manage?

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