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Flambeau is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, left and right sidebars and rounded corners.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary.

Download Flambeau for free in BTemplates.

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3.9 out of 5 based on 71 bloggers and 19 commenters.
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  1. adam mohd alias 25 October 2009


    is the locations of the ‘gadgets’ in the layout cannot be rearrange? im having difficulties in that area. thanks. otherwise the design is GREAT! i love it.

  2. mho 25 October 2009

    Was wondering how to add my photo in the polaroid?

  3. abel zavaleta 26 October 2009

    ¿Cómo se coloca la foto en “a picture of me”? si pueden porfa respondanme también a

  4. Claudia 27 October 2009

    Find the image named as “polaroid.jpg”, download it to your computer, open and edit it on a image editor such as photoshop, and then upload the image to an image hosting like or, replacing the corresponing link in your template.

    Encuentra la imagen nombrada como “polaroid.jpg”, descárgala a tu computador y ábrela en un editor de imágenes como photoshop. Después de editar la imagen, súbela a un hosting como o y reemplaza en link correspondiente en tu plantilla.

  5. alvin 1 November 2009

    elow…i am just wondering how to include comments in every post..thnk you 🙂

  6. Jason 2 November 2009

    How to restore the missing post footer comment tab? Thanks much! 😀

  7. Susa1313 7 November 2009

    Me ha encantado la plantilla nada más verla.
    Ha sido amor a primera vista.
    La tengo instalada….pero:
    – No aparece si hay comentarios. Por qué?
    – En lugar de comentarios dice “enlaces” Por qué?
    – No se instala el witchet que pone páginas en el blog. Por qué?
    Hay alguna manera de poder arreglarlo?
    No me gustaria quitar la plantilla: Me gusta mucho.

  8. Asker 9 November 2009

    its not the problem with the flambeau theme .it might be the problem of your old template.

  9. Teamosupreemo 10 November 2009


    How do you add widgets to the html code?? Where would I place codes for putting widgets on the side, say for example a profile widget above the search box. Thanks

  10. george 13 November 2009

    everything was working ok, until the bottom footer credit

    “©Travel News and Reviews Blogger theme by BloggerThemes Design by FreeThemeLayouts”

    swapped place with my blog archive at the right column – Now my blog archive is at the bottom while the credit is in the right column.

    Can any kind soul advise me what to do? I reload the html codes, but it doesnt help.


  11. sHaKeSnJuIcEs 5 February 2010


  12. sHaKeSnJuIcEs 5 February 2010

    I have uploaded it successfully on my blog..

  13. amalina 20 February 2010

    thanks a lot..=) nice template.. i like it..=)

  14. Tiberiuz 4 March 2010

    The comments come in black letters with a dark background and can not read well. How to change the font color of the comments?

  15. Claudia 4 March 2010


    Find this piece of code in your template (in Layout/Edit HTML):

    #comments-block .comment-body {
    margin:.25em 0 0;

    and replace it by:

    #comments-block .comment-body {
    margin:.25em 0 0;
    color: #FFF;
  16. Tiberiuz 5 March 2010

    Thanks! It works!

  17. flip 12 March 2010

    i have uploaded it successfully i think. i just need some help on putting a picture inside the box on the upper right hand side that says “a picture of me”


  18. Milno 18 June 2010

    I’ve got the same mistake written before. I can’t see in the main page the number of comments or the link for introducing new comments (though everything looks fine). I can’t find either “posted by” and the date.
    Asker said it is a problem with the old template but how could I solve it then?
    Thank you very much in advance for any help.

  19. Salimbd 20 March 2015

    My new blogget

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