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Grunged Girl

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Template author:SkinCorner

Grunged Girl is a free blogger template with 3 columns, left and right sidebars, rounded corners, grunge style, girly looking and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or people.

Download Grunged Girl for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 71 bloggers and 24 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. valquiria neris 28 September 2009

    achei muito bom e lindo mas ainda não coloquei vou colocar quando achar um tempinho eu só não sei como colocar os nomes acima lá no home por favor me diga como agradecida

  2. Carolina 29 September 2009

    bellissimo il template, mi piace molto questo sito, sempre trovo delle layout diversi..


  3. jue 29 September 2009

    nice, i love this template

  4. Cassie 30 September 2009

    I love this template…but subscribe is mispelled.

  5. Diana 30 September 2009

    @Cassie : Thanks Cassie..I don’t realize the misspelled before..I will fix it.

  6. Claudia 30 September 2009

    Now it says “subscribe”. I have already replaced the feed image and the template, and submited the file again. You would need to download it again.

    Regards 🙂

  7. selva 1 October 2009


  8. Diana 1 October 2009

    @Claudia : Thank You Claudia.. 🙂

  9. maia 2 October 2009

    hi there, this is the perfect skin i am looking for. thanks.
    however, i dont know what to click to EDIT an entry. i tried clicking the ‘edit’ but it brought me to another website.
    another question is, how do i go back to my DASHBOARD.
    forgive me if these questions sound silly. im a newbie in blogging.

  10. eunice 4 October 2009

    i have followed all the instructions to copy your beautiful templates, unfortunately there was an error saving the templates. here are the errors written:

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.

    XML error message: The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed.

  11. eunice 4 October 2009

    hi, its me again. I have finally done the template in my blog. One more question: is the ‘Home, RSS,Comments,Edit’ removable? i don need it in my blog. Thank you

  12. Anuj 6 October 2009

    Now thats cool

  13. Cáh 7 October 2009

    Este template não carrega direito. O background do template não carrega.

  14. Michelle 17 October 2009

    good morning- I would like to move a picture to the center of the title page, how do I drag and drop it?

  15. guillermina 22 November 2009

    Hola, quiero cambiar los links de: Comments (RSS), Entrias (RSS), Edit, por los links de mis post. Que debería modificar?

    Excelente Templote!

  16. Claudia 22 November 2009

    Debes modificar los enlaces desde la edición de HTML de la plantilla. En nuestras FAQ explicamos cómo editarlos (el link está arriba).

    Un saludo 😉

  17. Faza 12 December 2009

    I Like this template…!!! 😀

  18. Noelle 4 February 2010

    Hi! I have had your template since November 2009. I have encountered 3 other people with the same template in my food blogging world and it is annoying. Any chance I can get the girl to look different or the color of the template be changed to red or black? Let me know!

  19. Chee 7 March 2010

    There seems to be something wrong with the template, I can’t leave any comment in my blog. Besides, the layout is different from what it is shown in the picture. The little image beside the post title is not shown. If you check it using the “Live demo”, you will face all these problems. Anyone can help me on this issue?

  20. Ana 13 May 2010

    Hola. Cómo puedo hacer para cambiar el tamaño de la fuente en el sector de los posts, donde dice número de comentarios y “posted by”…? quiero que esa fuente sea más grande y en negrita.
    También quiero saber si se puede insertar una línea o algo divisorio entre un post y otro.
    Gracias 🙂

  21. Claudia 13 May 2010

    @Ana: Ana:

    Tienes que agregar el siguiente código (puedes modificar las propiedades)

    .comment-link, .cronodata {
    font-size: 12px;
    font-weight: bold;

    Para la línea bajo los posts, trata con algo como:

    .post {
    border-bottom:1px solid #863b24;
    padding: 10px 0;
  22. Katrina 13 July 2010

    Hi there – I am using this blogger template – but have one question: is there any way to make the blog post title font larger (in the Demo, it would be the text that says, “Lorem Ipsum”? RIght now – each blog post title is smaller than the font of the post date – I’d like the post title to stand out a bit more than the rest of the font? I’ve tried going in and altering the HTML – I’ve changed post title fonts before – but for some reason – I cannot get this one to change.

    I love this template!

    Thank you –


  23. Claudia 13 July 2010


    Find this code (in Design/Edit HTML):

    .post h3 a, #content h1 a:visited {
    color: #336600;
    margin: 0px;
    font: 20px Georgia, Times, Serif;

    Change the “20px” to a higher value (for example, 25px or 30px) and save your template.

  24. Karin 12 September 2011


    An earlier post requests information on moving some of the navigation links in the header:

    One more question: is the ‘Home, RSS,Comments,Edit’ removable? i don need it in my blog

    I would also like to remove these on my blog. How do I do that? I’ve scrolled through the HTML but don’t see where to remove them.

    Thank you.

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