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Pink Ribbon Desk

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Pink Ribbon Desk is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar and girly looking.

Excellent template for blogs about computers or desktop.

Download Pink Ribbon Desk for free in BTemplates.

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4.4 out of 5 based on 89 bloggers and 19 commenters.
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  1. Mel 26 December 2009

    hi this is a nice template 🙂
    btw, im just wondering how come
    it takes so long to download the code?

  2. shahida 28 December 2009

    cute. download already. thanks!

  3. alice 29 December 2009

    anyone can teach me how to download plspls !

  4. alice 29 December 2009

    i don’t know where to get the code

    • Francisco 31 December 2009

      @alice, first download the file, unzip them and upload from “Layout” tab.

  5. aisyah 29 December 2009

    hello. i really like this bog template design.
    but if possible, can you make the color of pink into blue?
    i need this template for my ICT project.
    contact me by email if you can do so.

    thank you soooo much! 🙂

  6. nur fatihatuz zahra binti mohd nor 3 January 2010

    plez, give me how to make a new template?

  7. shahida 5 January 2010

    how to delete border/line at the picture frame?

  8. Claudia 5 January 2010

    In HTML edition, delete:

    .post img {
    border:1px solid #CCCCCC;

    and save changes.

  9. Yette 15 January 2010

    hi, i was just wondering, would it be alright if i customized the header? thanks 🙂

  10. Luciana Mira 21 January 2010

    I loved it! Very cute!

  11. Jane Anne Maria Rosaléz Santarén Tony Catota Jasc 9 February 2010

    Hi there!

    Love template…

    Jane Anne Maria RosalĂ©z SantarĂ©n Tony Catota Jasc – New york

  12. syaza 12 March 2010


  13. Michelle 12 March 2010

    I am looking for a blog template like this but in purple for fibromyalgia.. or any blog template with the ribbon motif..

    please email me

  14. aiza 21 April 2010

    i love this one..this what im using at present but i wonder how i could change the font color coz i already tried editting the font color at html but it doesn’t work..i want to make my description color into more visible.. ^_^

  15. Cleisy 24 May 2010

    this model is very beautiful, thanks for making available for download, I downloaded, thank you!

  16. Sarah 12 June 2010

    Love the template! But is there anyway to limit where the description goes so it doesn’t run into the images of the header? Because of the font color, you can’t really read the text that runs into the pink ribbon and pink mouse.

  17. Ekka perwati dewi 11 February 2012

    Hi…I want to ask to anybody in here,,I used this tempelate,but I dont know how to designing or change my blog with another tempelate because I dont know where is the navbar of my blog,please help me,what must I do??

  18. TRACY 27 October 2012

    hey , i would like to know if people are able to sumbit comments if i use this layout! thanks!!

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