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Template author:Anshul

Matapat is a free premium blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar, slider and posts thumbnails.

Excellent template for blogs about business or computers.

Download Matapat for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 87 bloggers and 17 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. Vesper 14 January 2010

    Really love this one! Awesome job!

  2. psydex 22 January 2010

    Can i get only the slider ?
    And how can i install it?

    I really need one like this!

  3. Claudia 22 January 2010

    I had added a “Template Settings” above (check it, please) which will help you to configure the slider 😉

  4. psydex 22 January 2010

    I saw the code but i need only the slider on a different template.
    So i guess i’ll need the script too (including the rest of the code)

  5. Troy 23 January 2010

    Im new to the HTML coding and such. I really love this template, but I was curious if there was anyway I could change the heading with different pictures more related to my blog?

  6. EDXXX 24 January 2010

    Nice Work… its amazing..


  7. Stanley 5 February 2010

    Good Job buddy but i want to add the you tube videos but doest show the URL..

  8. Edward 12 March 2010

    I’m having problem with this theme. The Home – About – Contact Widgets are missing. They don’t appear in any browser that I viewed (Chrome, FF and IE) also in the Live Demo. If you get hold of me please do tell me what happened. I checked your link for Picasa where you uploaded the images, I’m getting 404. I do hope you can answer this. Thanks!

  9. ado 12 March 2010

    This isn’t working. It’s not loading everything.

    What could be the problem?

  10. master 12 March 2010

    not work please repair it !!

  11. Estacolist 13 March 2010

    the pics in the template have been remaved

    upload it again mr ?????

  12. SilverMann 14 March 2010

    template is broken, please can you host images again?

  13. ado 14 March 2010

    The links to the right of the slider (twitter, facebook, email, rss) only work from the starting page.
    When u comin from a different post…the links don’t work….it says ad u’r url here..

    Is there a reason why they only work from the staring page? Can anyone help me with this problem….¿?

  14. Edward 14 March 2010

    If you can also help me, I would like the header to be fixed and not to repeat, because if you have time to check my link, I customize the header but it repeats when the screen is widen. Is there any code to fix this? I tried anything but it only makes the header disappear. Thank you in advance.

  15. Edward 14 March 2010

    btw, the template is back to normal. Thanks!

  16. Zona Musisi 21 May 2010

    good templates master, , ,
    i like it!!

  17. Mark 12 September 2013

    Hi , I have a problem with MAtapat.
    I,ve installed it and did some configuration but there are no coments and coments form under posts. they are hidden ? Simple page with single post ends on this heart shaped icon and there is nothing under it – no trackbacks no coments no coment form … what should I do ?

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