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Template author:Lecca

Template Clean is a free blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar and girly looking.

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  1. AH 15 May 2010

    Hi.. nice templates.. but can i change MY DIARY to my own wording??how to do it?? thanks

  2. Lecca 15 May 2010

    Yes you can switch to your own text ok!

  3. AH 15 May 2010

    how to go abt it?? coz i cannot find the wording at the html… or can i maintain the wording and put in my own blog description?? where can i put the blog description… ??

  4. Claudia 16 May 2010

    @AH: In Layout/Edit HTML, replace this image url by yours:

    It must be 373x80px.

  5. AH 17 May 2010

    Hi Claudia, yeahhh manage to change the wording..but now the flower design is gone… 🙂

    thinking of maintain the wording MY DIARY but at the same time need to put in the blog title.. can i do tat?? something like

    MY DIARY – bla…blaa..blaa…

  6. Gui 24 May 2010

    Gostei desse template.

  7. Laiali 5 June 2010

    Eu não consigo de maneira alguma colocar um dos templates desse site no meu blog, sempre que faço o dowload, nunca tem o HTML =/ eu AMEI esse. queria tantoo =/

  8. Teddy 10 June 2010

    Hey, I’ve discovered how to change the “my diary”, all you need to do is to go on page elements and select with the right botton (in the my diary image) to see it in another page, click again and choose to block that image…
    Your blog name will be there, but not in the same font or color… ;DD

  9. Jannesse 11 July 2010

    Thanks for this simple and clean template. I love it! Thanks for allowing us to change the “MY Diary” text to our own titles. Done with mine!

  10. Rinz 22 September 2010

    i dont want my navigation bar to go away so people and i can go back to our DASHBOARD. what should i do? Help!

    • Claudia 24 September 2010

      @Rinz You can find the answer to your questions and more in our FAQ section.

  11. Arindam 1 October 2010

    good bt could hav been better!!!!!

  12. Xiomara 10 June 2011

    Hey Guys Thanks for sharing this Awesome Template, I am planning to use this Template for my services I offer, “It’s House Keeping” My question is, Can you please provide me the PSD File for the Logo, So I can Change the letters. Or do you have some other Templates that would suit my Services/

  13. Thamíris Andrade. 8 March 2012

    Está com problema, duplicando as postagens, já tentei corrigir e não vai, infelizmente, queria tanto esse template.

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