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TechZine is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar, web 2.0 design, footer columns, slider, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs, drop down menu and gradients.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 142 bloggers and 23 commenters.
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  1. Cristian 22 October 2011

    Template ottimo… complimenti.

  2. DANIEL 22 October 2011

    yo ke postee este plantilla, xD

  3. anandharaja 27 October 2011

    how can i add pagenumber navigation to this template.

  4. otman 6 November 2011

    nice one brooo i like it

  5. sami khan 9 November 2011

    nyc one…
    bro how can i amke the following changes:
    1. customize the title bar over the pictures slide.
    2. remove the search bar infront of title.

  6. rawad.alsayed 12 November 2011

    nice template thanks….. but you have problem in some templates printdesign and techzine…etc
    the problem is when user click on pic’s “light box mode” appear linkbar with pic while must appear pic (image)only !!
    how i fix it ..
    waiting your answer… sorry for my bad english

  7. rawad.alsayed 12 November 2011

    i mean :
    when i clicked on the image, the second menu didn’t hide, so it make the image not so clear..
    please tell me i need help .. i need this template
    help me please

  8. Manuel 5 December 2011

    Soy nuevo en esto. Como encuentro la edición HTML de esta plantilla? Gracias.

  9. Ejaz 30 December 2011

    This is really a beautiful template. I want to know that how to remove the top picture and make it simpler? Thanks for sharing

  10. Chris Aramayo 15 January 2012

    Buenas.. la verdad muy bueno el templante ahora lo estoy terminando de adaptar a mmi gusto… gracias buen aporte..

  11. sunny… 4 February 2012


    simply whin u up load this template into ur bloger…

    there are two xml page of this template slect the without slide.

    xml file okh……nw ur template without.. this picture.

  12. Paloma 7 February 2012

    Olá, adorei esse template. Gostaria de saber se tem como modificar as cores de fundo, das abas e como faço isso?
    Agradeço antecipadamente.

  13. wallmail 26 February 2012

    This is the really nice template i have ever seen ..

    thanks for sharing with us..

    A Wall Mail for Amazing, Funny, Inspirational, Great, Top Things, That Will Blow Your Mind With Extraordinary Stuff

  14. Nithish 10 April 2012

    In the code i put href parameter as ‘p/pagename.html’
    When i clicked on the menu of pagename from HOME it worked , and now when iam on that page ,the menu is not working for another page.

    my browser recognizes the link as ‘p/p/pagename.html’ instead of ‘p/pagename.html’

    • Chalkie 18 August 2015

      in the href use blarg otherwise it will use the whole domain, not just the current link.

  15. Ryann 10 October 2012

    Como Trocar A Foto Da Apresentação de Slides ????

  16. gabriel 23 May 2013

    eu acabei de colocar, querem que eu ensine para vocês como edita o html desse teample?

  17. Liam 7 October 2013

    I saw this beautiful form, do not need any modification to it more simple … great feeling

  18. soleh 2 February 2014

    nice template, thx very much…

  19. cathe 12 February 2014

    hello everybody!
    This is the very nice template..
    but i have a problem when i install in my blog of Blogger. When i creted my first entry in the box print this final line “Normal 0 false false false ES-TRAD JA X-NONE”
    How I can fix that? Please anybody can help me??
    waiting your answer… sorry for my bad english!
    Thanks so much!

    Tengo un problemilla con la plantilla, cuando escribi mi primera entrada de prueba, veo que en el resumen imprime en la ultima linea parte del codigo html “Normal 0 false false false ES-TRAD JA X-NONE”… pero no se como corregirlo?

    Alguien tiene este problema? podrian eharme una mano no soy muy buena con html y la verdad es q no veo donde se imprime eso para corregirlo.
    Muchas gracias y espero respuesta!

  20. Santy 2 March 2014

    hola soy muy nuevo en esto y quisiera saber como hago para cambiar de color el menu ¿? Se puede como es ¿?

  21. Ahtisham 7 March 2014

    hi admin
    Could you tell me pls if I want to change the color of blue strips to green what should i do ?Coz this template really suit my blog but little difference is theme color does not exactly match with my blog topic. however blue is fine as well but if I able to change these strips to green that would be so greatful.

  22. Naveed Alam 7 February 2015

    I saw this beautiful form, do not need any modification to it more simple … great feeling

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