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  • To edit the slider you need to changes the images and urls directly in your template code.
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iTech is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, left and right sidebars, ads ready, footer columns, slider, posts thumbnails, tabs, drop down menu, well designed threaded comments, abstract and geometric motifs.

Download iTech for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 158 bloggers and 50 commenters.
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  1. andre coy 11 July 2012

    how to install bloger template,, please help me,

    • Jaywal 2 February 2015

      Hi Andre,
      to install blogger template, log in to your blogger account, click on the ‘template’ tab/section; click on ‘Backup/Restore’ on the top right side of the template page. A pop-up should appear, just click on the browse to browse your template. Once you locate it, click on ‘upload’ on the blogger window. That will surely install it.

      I hope it helps

  2. andre coy 11 July 2012

    how to install the template

  3. Wahyu Eko 13 July 2012

    Thanks for the templates . its very good design.

  4. Arnab 21 July 2012

    How to remove the default share buttons attached with each post from the template..since I have add this..I dont want the default one..plz help !!!

  5. rubel Arman 22 July 2012

    Really i feel good to find it >Thanks

  6. karthick 24 July 2012

    @andre coy: hai friend first go to (template) option in blog control panel then u will see backup/restore option in right top window and click and search the blog xml file and select it and next u will click the upload link .ur template will be changed

  7. balaji 25 July 2012

    Template is okay . some changes to be done in template to look attractive.

  8. jesmanuel 29 July 2012

    hello friend explain to me looks like I can put the template to blogger

  9. azie 31 July 2012

    to use template:
    1.go to template setting.
    2.backup old template. click button right top (backup/restore)
    3.after backup, load new template design by using restore. use the same button at right top.

  10. mitue 6 August 2012

    nice . I am using it now.

  11. cerdaskom 16 August 2012

    Thanks. i am cerdaskom

  12. Abhijit 20 August 2012

    Great I’ll try it.

  13. ilmu elektro 23 August 2012

    thanks for to template…
    good job…amazed..

  14. makkawaru 23 August 2012

    nice tamplet but need more space for ads

  15. saidur01 27 August 2012

    Nice blog templete which i was looking for a long time. i really liked it.

  16. amir 10 September 2012

    For Rozblog Farsi, will

  17. sharif 11 September 2012

    Professional looking template like wordpress.

  18. shayari 20 September 2012

    this is just mind blowing theme, i loved the blueness into it… thanks for this lovely piece of art…

  19. AntiVirus 20 September 2012

    Why does your templates have “VBS:Malware-gen” in them? I just scanned them with virustotal….

  20. Dionisis 21 September 2012

    How can i add the 468X60 image at the top? (right size)

  21. hv 28 September 2012


  22. samer 4 October 2012

    plz help this massage always appear
    We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    (SyntaxError) : Unexpected token <

  23. Azizy 10 October 2012

    The template is very good for my blog. but i need to remove the ‘LABEL’ section on the left, the last section. and which place that i can replace my slider images?

  24. Zenith 21 October 2012

    I’ve choosed, PBT Modern Car template because drop down menu. But I need each Menu have chikdren and sub children. Then I;ve copied the similar code but the result are failed.

    Message like ” Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The element type “ul” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

    Error 500

    I do not understand. Please kindly help me silve this problem…

  25. Craig 9 November 2012

    Love the template, very crisp and clean. Easy to install too! Only one issue and it’s probably user error… I can’t seem to get the main window with the 5 slides to rotate, any ideas/suggestions?

  26. Jorge 12 November 2012

    Hi Craig, are you using iTech.xml template? Don’t appear slides?@Craig:

  27. Qasim Chauhan 14 November 2012

    @samer: Same problem is with me can you tell me how u resolve it?

  28. Jatinder 18 November 2012

    How I can change Slides Please tell me

  29. Akuneme Christopher 24 November 2012

    how can i change the slides

  30. hasbul maimanah 8 December 2012

    it is easy to manage this template, atractive thanks for this

  31. Ngan Tengyuen 10 December 2012

    Awesome blogger template, did you design this template yourself?

  32. Tennehu 13 December 2012

    I’m using this template on my blog. It’s the most beautiful I’ve found, HOWEVER its XML code has A LOT OF bugs: layout problems, subscription area was missing and some duplicate content (still not solved on some pages).

  33. ricardo 13 December 2012

    Hello friend , this template have an error where open the texts , the white backgroud not open and the stay over the blue backgroud.

  34. Tennehu 13 December 2012

    It’s OK indeed. I’ve fixed them, and soon I’ll find why it duplicates some contents.

  35. emyloretta 14 December 2012

    It is quite nice template collection no words to describe:)

  36. iak555 24 December 2012

    thanks, you describe very good and clear. great

  37. andri 3 January 2013

    Thanks. I use it now…but how to change the pages abouve?

  38. Bibek adhikari 12 January 2013

    To use the template download it first go to the blogger, select template and choose edit html and paste the code in xml file.

  39. Bijoy 14 January 2013

    Awesome blogger template

  40. Chandan Sanwal 22 January 2013

    Its an awesome Template design. Thanks

  41. Marc Suderman 30 January 2013

    The preview for my posts are not showing. It looks like code, but I know that the html is not wrong. Please help!

  42. solo.balapan 11 February 2013

    Keren oeh, tapi masih bingung cara memasang templet baru soalnya tampilan dasbor blog saya udah tampilan baru bukan tampilan klasik. sehingga tak ada pilihan untuk menentukan templet.

  43. Mohamed Aziz Ammari 17 July 2013

    how to modify the link of pages ?

  44. Mohamed Aziz Ammari 17 July 2013

    and how to post messages in different pages ??

  45. Radu 2 January 2014

    Hello! I’m using your template for almost 1 year now and i’m very happy with it. However, recently i discover that for all my articles the Author/Posted by, or byline is missing. Please, any help? thank you

  46. Zain 20 January 2014


  47. elvis 21 February 2014

    I seem to have only two featured articles on the homepage unless i choose older articles.i want to display like 5 articles. I have tried changing the number on the layout but it still displays 2 only. A little help will be appreciated.

  48. durgesh jangid 3 September 2016

    1.go to template setting.
    2.backup old template. click button right top (backup/restore)
    3.after backup, load new template design by using restore. use the same button at Right top.

  49. Sum Mardi 11 January 2017

    how to change the slideshow that this manual be automatically according to the latest postings

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