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Template author:Iksandi

Galauness is a free premium blogger template with 2 columns, left sidebar, gallery-styled, minimalist, an exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, drop down menu, breadcrumbs, related posts support, well designed threaded comments and neutral colors.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or photography.

Download Galauness for free in BTemplates.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 225 bloggers and 132 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. Jav Gom 19 January 2013

    I like That template!!!

  2. Markell 23 January 2013

    Is there an easy way to add a right side column to this layout?

  3. Carla Brito 29 January 2013

    Why the pages og my blog, do not appear in this layout?
    You have “Category”, “Menu1”, …, “404 Error Page”.

  4. Rahimie Rashid 31 January 2013

    May i know how to make the Thumbnail picture of the entry looks in a good size and the image is fix, because all the picture scale to the thumbnail and everything looks weird with the distortion.It doesn’t look professional thumbnail.Thanks.

  5. xbeautymarkedx 12 February 2013

    How do you resize the blog picture thumbnails on the homepage? my photos are cut off on the edges and you are able to see the actual blog post on the sides of the photo.

  6. lea707 19 February 2013

    Please could you help me: I don’t understand where and how can I manage in this Galauness site the top menu? like category, menu 1, etc and their subpages? Where can I chanfe the text/title? I can not find anywhere…..
    thank you

    • catron booker 18 November 2013

      did you receive an answer to your question? it would really help me too! thanks!

  7. lea707 20 February 2013


    Sorry, but I did not find the manage option for Page top menu? Where can I change the menu texts, arrange, delete or linked them?
    Thank you

  8. planetlingerie 21 February 2013

    thanks for this template

  9. caramel 22 February 2013

    is anyone helping??
    1) can we customize the role of home, category and menu stuff?
    2) is it possible to customize the photos on home page?
    3) how do we delete the words that look like links like BLOGGER TEMPLATES but leads you to no where from the blog page?

  10. Britt 24 February 2013

    There is something wrong with this template. Because there only appear 5 blog posts instead of 6. And there need to be 6. But if I go to older post there are 6. What’s wrong ?
    O, and I already downloaded it again but nothing works.

    • Maria 12 June 2013

      Found solution to Number of Blogs per page issues!!!

      There’s nothing wrong with this template, it’s Google Blogger’s “auto pagination” feature that is causing less than the specified number of posts to appear on the main or subsequent pages. Google’s auto pagination (cannot be disabled) imposes a limit of about 500kb that can be displayed on any index or search result page in Blogger. As soon as your thumbnails and preview text exceed the KB limit, all subsequent posts will be bumped to the next page. Sometimes only 3 will show up on a page, sometimes 9… no way to tell.

      But here’s a workaround: Go into the Edit HTML view of each of your posts and paste right after your first image and the first few sentences that you want to show up in the preview. That way, only the image and a few words go toward the KB count, but not the rest of the entry!

    • Babi Capanaro 30 December 2013

      This is what you have to paste after the first image and few sentences:

    • Babi Capanaro 30 December 2013
    • Kevin 24 April 2014

      Thank you Maria! That was a huge help and explained why sometimes the page would look so bizarre. I appreciate the help.

  11. Linas 1 March 2013

    Hello, I have 1 question.
    I changed navigation links to label pages.
    It does works,
    When I go other label page FROM THE LABEL PAGE it ads additional “search/label/”and looks like
    But it still opens. The main problem:
    When i press on those links from POSTS PAGES for example, the “2013/02/”part leaves and goes to 404 error page with url I need to go to Home page and only then it again works.

    Do someone knows how to solve it? It would be very great.

  12. Elle 3 March 2013

    Hi – Is there anyone helping. I have same questions as asked above and assume thery would be /will be answered visible for everyone?
    Please advise. It’s such a beautiful template and I really would like to make it work! Thanks.

  13. Linas 4 March 2013

    Iam using it, but still have problemexplained above.
    Maybe I could help Youwith some simple questions?
    Itsfirst time I am using blogger and and very onlyvery little experience in html, but still..:)
    What do You need?
    You can contact mw through skype, nick Scorpion0131

  14. Ellen Faith 13 March 2013


    I was wondering how do you make your images appear as thumbnails on the homepage? Only half of mine are appearing. Thank you!

    • Ellen Faith 13 March 2013

      Change of question, is there anyway I can remove the three columns as a menu and go straight to the one column? I like that style a bit better since the photos aren’t showing :$ Thanks!

    • cristinas 24 June 2013

      I have the same problem with the thumbnails. did u figure out why is this happening??

  15. Jim 14 March 2013

    I was looking at this template, but in the design I can`t seem to get more than 3 posts to show up on my index page. 6 or 9 or however I set them show up on additional pages, but not on the home page. Is there a reason?

    • padoune 13 April 2013

      I have the same probleme !! Help us please !

    • Smeralda 5 May 2013

      Go to Layout – Posts – Number of posts in main page – Set to desired number. Hope this helped. I did this and now I have 9 posts in my main menu

  16. Eli Guzmn 1 April 2013

    the only way to change the sidebar is changing the html, I did but it is not easy

    search this on the html:

    Menu 1

    change the word for whatever you want 🙂

  17. Carlos 5 April 2013

    how I can change in my blog menu pages 1 menu2, and how to link it to other pages, thanks

  18. Desy 10 April 2013

    How can I change the social icons on the top??

  19. Carlitos 12 April 2013

    como puedo editar los nombres de menu 1 menu2 y categorias, gracias

  20. Carlitos 12 April 2013

    how I can edit the names and categories menu 1 menu2 Thanks

  21. lisa 15 April 2013

    I was wondering if I use this website for a regular blog, not a photo one, since the content does not show up on the homepage unless you click through, would that affect SEO?

  22. Samantha Ezra 19 April 2013

    Hey! I’m new. And, I just wanted to tell you that I really love your template! I really love it sooo much! I have been searching forever for a template like this. Although, I just have a couple of questions/problems.

    1.) How do you take a few of the Social Networking Icons on top?

    2.) How can I make the Flickr, Twitter, and that Meet The Author thing work? Everytime I click on it, it doesn’t work.

    3.) How do I make the Social Networking Icons work and lead to my perspective sites?

    –Thanks! –

    • Nv 24 July 2013

      I fixed alot of those problems but still cant get icons of videos to appear.. as well as the line up of the thumbnails are all off.

  23. Susie 22 April 2013

    I also have the issue with one post missing from the homepage (displays 8 posts instead of 9). I’ll be sad to stop using this template – has anyone found a solution to this problem?

    • Maria 12 June 2013

      Go into the Edit HTML view of each of your posts and paste right after your first image and the first few sentences that you want to show up in the preview. That way, only the image and a few words go toward Google’s 500KB count, but not the rest of the entry! Blogger’s auto pagination has a built-in max amount of info (about 500kb) that can show up on an index or search page, no matter how many posts you have in settings, all posts exceeding this size will get bumped to next page.

  24. Smeralda 5 May 2013

    To change the number of posts Go to: Layout – Posts – Edit – Number of posts shown on main page – Change number to desire – Save. This worked for me and now I have 9 posts in my main page. Hope this helpes.

  25. Kristen 19 May 2013

    I try changing the number of posts in the settings, but it’s only changing the second page onward. Any tips?

    • Maria 12 June 2013

      Go into the Edit HTML view of each of your posts and paste right after your first image and the first few sentences that you want to show up in the preview. That way, only the image and a few words go toward Google’s 500KB count, but not the rest of the entry! See replies above for more info…

  26. Renata 5 June 2013

    Can anyone put comment in their posts?
    I could edit and change lots of things, but when someone want to write on my post they couldn´t ….

    Please Help! Thanks a lots!

  27. Maria 12 June 2013

    So sorry for the multiple postings, but this comment window just won’t let me include the code that needs to be pasted… so just go here and look at the first comment:

  28. cristinas 24 June 2013

    hei.. I have a problem with the thumbnails pictures. They are not showing up every post, just in the first. What should I do? I like this template so much 🙁 please help

  29. Donna Hawkins 26 June 2013


    At first, the thumbnail preview was not showing up for my post on the home page. Then I realized that it was because I had only used a web url for the image instead of actually uploading an image file to blogger. Once I uploaded the image, it worked! Hope this helps someone:-)

  30. lily 29 June 2013

    hey, hv a prob here. i upload pic from my computer to blogger for my blog post n i got it publish. bt the upload pic did nt show in my homepage. instead it shows other icon like dat. how to fix dis? thanks.

  31. Shelby Guy 7 July 2013

    does anyone know how to configure the Meet the Author section. im confused lol It would really help me

  32. JJ 14 July 2013

    For all those buddies out there who are facing thumbnail problem or picture in post not displaying problem, please try these:

    1. Please upload your pictures “INTO” the blogger post.

    2. Kindly “ADD POST TITLE”. It defenitely looks good in album.

    • liz tomins 6 February 2014

      thanks so much!!! this fixed my problem after a day of trying to find the answers

  33. vaness 5 August 2013

    Hello, I installed this template on my blog. I do not understand though, as ever, although I have removed the widget of the other posts that might be of interest in the post, I always appears? Could you help me? Also how do I change the bar where it says home, category, etc with the things that I wish there were?

  34. Bahadır 27 August 2013

    Hi. I am from Turkey. Thanks for that template, i like this. But i have a problem like that:

    There is a function on posts on main page like that:

    “0 comment”, “3 comments”, “5 comments”, etc..

    I want to translate the word of “comment” in Turkish. (In Turkish; “Comment = Yorum”). I want to delete the word of “comment” and write “yorum”. How i can do that? Please help me. I know that i must to edit html codes for that but please give me some informations. Which part of htlm codes related with that?

  35. dglnajblhjl 28 August 2013

    Amazing and best template

  36. R sofia 29 August 2013

    Hi, Thank you for creating this blog template, I was wondering if you could tell me how I can have one centre column for posts on homepage instead of three columns of thumbnails? Thank you

  37. Lee 17 September 2013

    Great template! Thanx a lot, I did a nice job with my website! 😀

  38. Ali E. 5 October 2013


    Thank you for your explanation about the thumbnail and 500kb limitation issue, but I still do not understand how to do it. You have said that afterthe first imageand a few sentences you paste, but what am I supposed to paste here? What does that mean exactly?

  39. Mike 14 October 2013

    I have just downloaded and installed this great template, but I’m having an issue.

    Since I’m new to Blogger and have zero knowledge of how to use it, could I ask someone to explain to me how I show images on the frontpage? At the moment it’s only the title – no image and I can’t seem to find a way to enable it.


  40. Ron Tiew 17 October 2013

    I have more than 1 image on the post, when I click on the image, it will show up in the viewer, but it will pop up 2 viewer and the first viewer will show the image in large size, may I know how to fix it? Thank you.

  41. aneel 22 October 2013

    how i use this awsome template.

  42. Ruby 11 November 2013

    The designer of this template is Iksandi Lojaya. If you go to his website he explains how to use this template as well as some tweeks to make it better.

  43. Emma 12 November 2013

    For everyone trying to remove / adjust the social buttons: go to your html (template > edit html) and search for ““, there you can remove the icons, add the right url and adjust the sequence of the buttons.

  44. Emma 12 November 2013

    somehow it did not copy my search query, search for

  45. Emma 12 November 2013

    Start – Social Links

  46. taryn 16 November 2013

    Love this. Would love to add a Pinterest button to the social links. Any tips there?


  47. catron booker 18 November 2013

    hi, how do you customize the menu1,2, 3, 4 and category items on the navigation bar? thanks!

  48. Julian Tan 24 November 2013

    Hi I’d like to know how to change the image on the front page from landscape to portrait. Thanks.

  49. Olivia 5 December 2013

    Great template! Had to tweak the social icons to suit my needs but it works great!

    • Carly 3 February 2014

      How did you do this?

  50. Viivi Nuoraho 21 January 2014

    Brilliant template! Thank you so much!

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