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Template author:Dzignine

Timeline is a free blogger template with 1 column, an exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns, well designed threaded comments, geometric motifs and tumblr style.

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3.8 out of 5 based on 81 bloggers and 22 commenters.
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  1. 4idroid 10 April 2013

    I love this template! Dzignine is a very good author.

  2. agag 30 April 2013

    the Date and time is not working on me! and how do you change the author picture on every post???

  3. Gaen 7 May 2013

    Hey there ! About the time issue,I was able to show a time stamp but it was showing the day instead of the month; numbers were relacing each other. Don’t know if the problem is same with you but it was the only way to create correct date stamp for me so here it goes:

    Go to your administrative part of your blog,
    To the left there is

    Settings> Language and Formatting> Date Header Format

    choose the format 7.5.13 (which 7 is the day, 5 is the month here).

    Then go to your HTML edit section from Template, find the lines below :

    function date_replace(date) {
    var da = date.split(‘.’);
    var day = da[1], mon = da[0], year = da[2];
    var month = [‘0′,’Jan’,’Feb’,’Mar’,’Apr’,’May’,’Jun’,’Jul’,’Aug’,’Sep’,’Oct’,’Nov’,’Dec’];
    document.write(“”+month[mon]+” “+day+””);

    here in the code :

    var day = da[1], mon = da[0], year = da[2];

    change mon to day, day to mon. Like this:

    var mon = da[1], day = da[0], year = da[2];

    Then TA-DA. 🙂

    • Idan 4 March 2014

      Thankyou so much… It’s working!

  4. L 20 June 2013

    How do you change the author picture? I change my author picture, and the default one stil shows up ._.

    • Raphael 14 July 2013

      Find line: {

      on the bottom line, replace the url for one that you want.

    • Ashley K 23 October 2013

      This isn’t an accurate description on how to change the profile photo. I’ve been searching for this line and it’s not there and after finally getting this template the way I want it on my blog I’m going to have to use another one because some guys random face is on every post.

    • Gast 17 November 2013

      i can’t change the author image. I was searching the line { and i don’t saw anything. Sorry for my english.

    • pandhu 18 March 2014

      it’s on line 275, below { replace the URL

  5. Bogdan 2 July 2013

    pls help me with date :(, pls help me to show it

  6. Hoaxman 8 October 2013

    Nice Template! i like it so much, but i want to change the header image, how can i do that? Thx

  7. Michelle Mota 10 November 2013


    Estou com problemas com a exibição da data e imagem do autor. Poderiam me ajudar?

  8. MaDZix 28 November 2013

    Help me with this template! How to change the image of the author? Help!

  9. Antonio 7 January 2014

    this good templante i will use in new blog

  10. Michelle 25 February 2014

    Yeah this is annoying. Can’t change the author photo. Great job there.

  11. dilanka 16 April 2014

    thats creative

  12. Robby 14 July 2014

    Nice template.
    but sorry, how to add menu?
    i don’t know to add new menu.
    thank you.

  13. rafael 8 September 2014

    Just draw him a pnis on his face like I did at:

  14. Daniel Sun 17 November 2014

    this good templante i will use in new blog

  15. Daniel Sun 17 November 2014

    thanks for this

  16. Achmad Muharya 26 February 2015

    Is it responsive ??

  17. Michel 25 June 2015


    cool template!!

    Is there a way to add a right sidebar? I need one for internal search engine and also some stuff which is best displayed in a sidebar.

    Thank you in advance for your reply =)

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