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Instructions: Template Settings / How to install a Blogger template
  • To edit the slider you need to changes the images and urls directly in your template code.
  • To edit the social icons links you need to search and changes the urls directly in your template code.
Template author:PBTemplates

Virtuale is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar, ads ready, slider, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs, drop down menu and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about any general topic.

Download Virtuale for free in BTemplates.

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4.2 out of 5 based on 278 bloggers and 44 commenters.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome


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  1. Nisha cohadri 4 May 2013

    nice template for bloogers and web pages
    I like this

  2. rita 20 May 2013

    how to change the slide pictures..???thanks

    • Muhammad Mohsin 25 June 2013

      if u use blogger than
      go to blogger html press from keyboard ctrl+f. A search bar will appear in search bar right (slider) and perss enter.
      now you can edit the slider

  3. Ali Musthofa 21 May 2013

    Templatenya keren Brow…
    Ijin sedot…

  4. Mr Minh 1 June 2013

    Hi, I like this Theme very much.
    But i have 1 question : I can change the logo, but How can i insert the picture (468×60) on the top of the Blog.
    Please hept me ^^

  5. Mr Minh 1 June 2013

    How can i insert the picture (468×60) on the top of the Blog.
    Please hept me ^^

    • Muhammad Mohsin 25 June 2013

      go layout and see top right corner (html/javascript) edit and enter your (468×60) banner html url. than save arrangment and you are done.

  6. Roy Sunburn 23 June 2013

    Very nice blog template… I’d like to try this for my other blog. thank you for sharing

  7. 100rup 23 July 2013

    => How to post AD on Extreme left side or extreme right side of this Template???
    => How can i stretch the width of Template body???

    Big thanks for your great creation……!!!!

  8. 100rup 24 July 2013

    How to post AD on Extreme left side or extreme right side of this Template???
    => How can i stretch the width of Template body???

    Big thanks for your great creation……!!!!

  9. Felix 25 July 2013


    I love your themes,,,,and i hav downloaded it but i am still finding it difficult to implement some of the features, like changing the Menu list to mine and also the slide pictures,,,

    Please kindly explain how i can go about it,,,,,,

    Or do i send to you my blogspot loggin details to help me out with it.


  10. Blackturn 26 July 2013

    How to remove auto readmore? I want to manual mode

  11. Zahid 10 August 2013

    Nice Templetei like it

  12. West 18 August 2013


    Great template. How do i add Facebook comments? I’ve tried several ways but it does not work. Is the template blocking it?


  13. julie 18 August 2013

    Hi, How do you change the layout so that the title of the blog box can be extended? My title is too large.
    Also how do you edit the page titles?

  14. AGusN73 27 August 2013

    after instal this themes ,, why i cant see the coment… please help me . .

  15. andy 4 September 2013

    How i can change the backgroun for another?? and colors

  16. Waqas 9 September 2013

    Its Not Showing My Tabs ? Help :3

  17. amal 7 October 2013

    thank uuu vry much
    i like it

    pls give ur suggestion to me to make any change in my blog which looks intersting
    waiting 4 ur reply

  18. Anonymous 24 October 2013

    Can someone paste the code onto one of the comments because I can’t open the code.

  19. Anonymous 24 October 2013

    Can someone please paste the code into one of the comments, code isn’t coming up for me.
    Thanks x

  20. Apurv Nagar 27 October 2013

    i have changed to images in the slide show but the slideshow is not working. the buttons simply won’t work, the slideshow worked once and the slides where changing automatically but now it is not working pls help.

  21. sayyed 7 November 2013

    how do i edit the slider ?

  22. sayyed 7 November 2013

    how do i edit the slide show

  23. Raheel 15 November 2013

    dear can any one tell me how to apply this theme to my blog?
    i will try but my computer hanged.. this theme format is zip?
    please tell me what can i do?

  24. Agathe 17 November 2013

    Thanks for sharing, i really like this theme. I can’t find the line of code where to enlarge the article block, and to change background color, can you help me?
    Thank you

  25. jatin 3 December 2013

    see friends how i have made it…

  26. firniko 6 December 2013

    makasih ya templatenya keren….

  27. what…. 22 January 2014

    how the fuck i’m supposed to use this?? web pages are supposed to be HTML not fucking XML….

  28. alfin 8 February 2014

    thank’s for template very nice

  29. renzy 25 March 2014

    Looks great, I want this one aaaaa…

  30. wiyudina 28 March 2014

    please. how to link article in slide show ?

  31. Tammi 4 April 2014

    The slider feature isn’t sliding-I have changed the picture urls to my own but it isn’t moving

    How can I make the slider work???

  32. Teguh Kiyatno 6 May 2014

    I admire the template in the first sight.
    Let me try , please,
    Thank you so much.
    May God always bless you.

  33. Ali 25 May 2014

    Thnks For good templets.

  34. Rizal 10 August 2014

    Nice template, but the FB like pop up script does not work on this template, I hope this could be fixed. Thanks.

  35. realidade Moris 4 September 2014

    Hi mai how,, to down this template and how to install please need it asap Thank you

  36. Hamza 22 September 2014

    How I can change Background Picture..??

  37. Setyo 4 December 2014

    nice template….. I would to donwload
    Thank you so much…

  38. SI Fahim 28 December 2014

    Bro how to change my blog font………….i use all but not working………….

  39. Elliptical Machine 7 January 2015

    Really good job on the site, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looing for. Keep up the good work!

  40. jose 10 January 2015

    Me ha gustado y la he utilizado en mi blog de tematica android
    pasate para que veas com me ha quedado muchas gracias por haber subido la plantilla

  41. dhava 24 January 2015

    thx you

  42. Lilit 19 April 2016

    me sale este error
    “Tu plantilla no se ha podido guardar.
    No se pudo analizar tu plantilla porque no está bien construida. Asegúrate de que todos los elementos XML estén correctamente cerrados. Mensaje de error de XML:
    The new widget with id “BlogArchive2″ is invalid, as the limit for the widgets of type BlogArchive has been exceeded.”

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