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Revolution Code Red Blogger Template

Revolution Code Red

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About Revolution Code Red

Revolution Code Red is a free Blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, responsive design, right sidebar and neutral colors.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or internet.

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Author: ChicaBlogger.
Designer: .

29 Questions and comments on Revolution Code Red

Claudia 19 February 2009 at 2:47

The problem isn’t the template. Blogger added the embebed comment form after some templates were created ;) So, some templates won’t have the code to show the embebed form.
Solutions: (1) Show the comment form in a different way (go to Settings); (2) Add the missing code to show the embebed comment form below the posts.

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Grant 22 February 2009 at 9:50

Greg & Claudia … Thanks!!!

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Alvin 14 March 2009 at 10:51

Claudia,please,do you know the code to add the missing code to show the embebed comment form below the posts.

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Derek 31 March 2009 at 11:42

Thank you very much for your work on porting this template over. Just a quick question and I apologize if I missed the answer, but is there a way to only show an intro to the post instead of the whole post on the index?


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andi tipasundan 1 June 2009 at 13:18

layout of the article is good
good:) This is excellent for this I am looking for, thanks to its template … thanks. permission to follow this blog thanks,;)

↩ Reply
Anton 14 June 2009 at 12:33


Could someone please explain how I can link the 468×60.gif banner to a website. I want the banner to refer to another site. Please help me.
Thanks in advance!

↩ Reply
baber 14 August 2009 at 2:56

Coooooooooooooooool,very nice template really touched my heart

↩ Reply
Laidel 14 September 2009 at 12:24

Hi there! I am now using this site and am so happy with it. I just tweaked the font though coz I’m at ease with Tahoma. Hope you don’t mind. All credits to you and thanks for sharing! :)

↩ Reply
Claudia 16 September 2009 at 4:36

Change the font family in the body {} selector (in CSS) ;)

↩ Reply
Extended Auto Waranty 26 February 2010 at 2:04

I am also keen to find a way to use the banner but with my own banner and link. I just don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere. Can someone help please?

↩ Reply
Vanessa 26 April 2010 at 14:15


Hi Claudia,

Thanks for your help with the 468 gif, that was giving me the biggest headache

Now I’m having the comment issue. I’ve gone to Settings, and applied them but I’m not sure what code your talking about or even where to put it there. Can you tell me specifically what to do?


↩ Reply
Claudia 26 April 2010 at 16:56

@Vanessa You can find the answer to your questions and more in our FAQ section.

veeyem 13 June 2011 at 3:53

This is really a beautiful template. But I have a problem that, I need more space for blog post and need only one side bar. I mean, I do not need the left side bar, but at the same time I want to add that space to blog post area, is that possible? Please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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