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  • To add the slider: search the corresponding file in the template folder, copy and edit the code. and paste it in a new html gadget.
Template author:Ray Creations

My Website is a free premium blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, grunge style, an exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns, slider, girly looking and vintage style.

Excellent template for blogs about books or crafts.

Download My Website for free in BTemplates.

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4.1 out of 5 based on 200 bloggers and 81 commenters.
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  1. David 29 August 2011

    Hi, i used the embedded flash sideshow from picasa in the sideshow html/java headed by this template actually works quite fine for my simple personal use

    is it somehow possible to add several sideshows from different albums to autoplay one after another?

    thanks, btw its a great template love it.

  2. David 29 August 2011

    i forgot 1 more thing to ask, do you also have small icons for reddit/g+ etc ? ..

    sorry for being a little demanding, i’m a first time blogger and mainly to practice my english skills and keeping my family back in germany up to date.


  3. Alison 31 August 2011

    Hey, so I got this template and love it.. just have a question…

    Instead of having the two sidebars on the right side, can I have one side on each side of the post? I tried going to the Layout section and it will not allow me to, so I assume I have to do it through HTML. Can you tell me what I need to rearrange to get this working? Thanks so much!

  4. Melanie 9 October 2011

    Hi! Thanks for the beautiful template! I really appreciate all the time you put into it.

    I have two questions,
    1) How do I remove the search?
    2) I’m trying to link pictures on my front page to tabs. Is this possible (see website

    Thanks again!

  5. Luiza 19 October 2011

    I cant really change the slider I have photobucket but I love this template ill make it work thanks claudia

  6. Saidy 26 October 2011

    how did you get your pictures to work on your slider? i have a similar problem, either the pics turn out really small or way too big. but i put in the right dimensions. i have tried photobucket and picasa. thanks!

  7. Kineta 28 October 2011

    @FreeSpirit: This helped me so much, thank you!

  8. Delaney 25 November 2011

    When I loaded this xml onto my site the share buttons are hidden. If you hover over them their titles show up, but otherwise there is just a large gap. Does anyone know how to make these visible?

  9. Mukesh Jat 8 December 2011

    i Want to remove 1sidebar from all the pages???/any solution??

  10. sarah 28 December 2011

    Does ANYONE know how to personalize the facebook and twitter buttons? I can’t find a url anywhere in the html. HELP!

  11. Katie 31 January 2012

    I’m in the process of changing the images in the slider, but having a bit of trouble. I am re-sizing my photos to 927 x 291 pixels, but the image is always left-justified and smaller than the frame. Any suggestions?

    • Gabi 3 April 2013

      hey, Im wondering if you could help me out…I dont know how to change the images in the Slider for this template, im a new blogger and I dont know what too do.. could you please help me ?

  12. Katie 31 January 2012


    Yeah, I’m having the same problem. Blogger says the widget “appears to be broken.”

  13. paola 1 March 2012

    Ho anch’io lo stesso problema di Melanie: non riesco ad eliminare il tasto di “SEARCH”, quello sopra lo slideshow in alto a sinistra. Grazie per l’aiuto che mi darete.

  14. Paula 14 April 2012

    Hi, I have a question, how can I have a photo in the blog like the one you have here? I don’t know what to do…
    Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish

  15. Marie 21 April 2012

    Thank you so much for sharing your template, it is very nicely done! I was wondering if there is a way to make one of the pages a drop down menu, I have found several codes where I change it in HTML and also in CSS. However it is a different menu than the one that you created and I love the layout and fonts of this design. Any chance you could help me with this? Thank you

  16. Yukei 23 April 2012

    I have no problem in showing photos on my blog, but I want all the photos to slide repeatedly from the top. Could anyone please help me?

  17. Renkon 26 May 2012

    Thanks for this beautiful template.

    There is one hitch : How to get the slide to loop?

  18. raisa 18 October 2012

    i love it ! >.<

  19. ili.s 27 October 2012

    hi there, i’ve downloaded and used this template, but when i uploaded a picture to that ‘banner’ sort-of section just below the blog title, it does not fit in snugly, what should i do? i’ve tried re-sizing it, but its sort of higher than the provided box

  20. Krystal 26 November 2012

    I’ve just uploaded this template, have my sliders in place, and am now working on the other items. How do you change the landing pages for the little Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon Hearts?

  21. Krystal 26 November 2012

    Okay. Ignore me. I figured THAT out. Now, my site loads really slow and it’s because of I’ve looked in the HTML and found this is the only thing linked to kernest:

    Anyway to fix this?

  22. taylor 13 December 2012

    Do you happen to have a pinterest and instagram heart button?

  23. rossy 22 December 2012

    i’ve tried to upload the pictures through picasa and photobucket, but still, when I copied the url, it didn’t work. The photoes were broken. what’s wrong?
    I got frustated because of it

  24. gloria 18 March 2013

    Is this still valid?, I cannot open

  25. Yalila 26 June 2013

    the server that had the code for this site doesnt have it anymore…
    any help?
    I use it for my experimental site….
    How can I transfer the old files to my own server so this won’t happen again.

  26. Karen Mitchell 2 July 2013

    This template is broken!!! Looks like the background images are no longer hosted and since the template has removed the ability to use bloggers template designer to replace the background it useless! I’ll be searching for a replacement especially since the slideshow is also not working.

  27. Yalila 3 July 2013

    It sucks! I had my whole website with this template I replaces the images but can’t get the slideshow to work

  28. Hasan 24 July 2013

    The slider in this template is not working. Few months back, it worked very well. But now the slider is not working. I like this template very much. So i don’t want to change it. So please update this template by replacing the broken url’s.

  29. Robyn 6 April 2015

    Thank you for some other magnificnt article. The place else may
    anybody get tyat kind of info in such an iddeal way
    of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am
    on the search for sch information.

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