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About Creativa

Creativa is a free Blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, left and right sidebars, ads ready, footer columns, slider, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs, drop down menu and neutral colors.

Excellent template for blogs about fashion.

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26 Questions and comments on Creativa

Tamires Del Rey 28 February 2012 at 10:20

How do I change the pictures slade?

Thank you

↩ Reply
celina 16 March 2012 at 6:59

Jak zmienić nazwy w rozwijanym menu .? C :

↩ Reply
nyambura 17 March 2012 at 20:01

how do you change the photo slider

↩ Reply
cherry m 22 March 2012 at 22:17

can someone please explain to me how i can put posts under the linked categories at the top? for example, how do i put separate posts in the business and downloads category?

↩ Reply
jamie 9 April 2012 at 0:06


can you please help me? my reply button on my comments doesn’t work

↩ Reply
Recep Hilmi Tufan 28 April 2012 at 3:28

Yes, reply button is not working. How can we solve it?

↩ Reply
Patricia 3 May 2012 at 15:31

How do I place my own images on the photo slider? I also need help to link the list at the top to a new page. At the moment when someone clicks on the list at the top of the page nothing happens.How do I connect my social networks to the blog?

↩ Reply
awin language 5 May 2012 at 10:22

This is awesome, so simple and elegant.tq

↩ Reply
Connor 30 May 2012 at 17:58

Can you change the logo next to the “Creativa” title? Thanks!

↩ Reply
juan modesto rodriguez 31 May 2012 at 13:35

textos, fotos, vídeos, publicidad. Puedo aplicar esta plantilla y sustituir la que tengo de b templates?. Cómo hacerlo?.

↩ Reply
abin 18 June 2012 at 10:59

how can i change the pages n the blog?

↩ Reply
a drummer 22 June 2012 at 1:38

Is there any way to make thumbnail on blogger using an image with external url (from another blog for instance)?
Like this template very much, but this question raises.

↩ Reply
K.S.Young 1 July 2012 at 9:55

I really like this template, but my slider got stuck twice and I was wondering if there was anyway that I could fix it. I sent an message via facebook. but not I am looking for a new template because my site has been down for 2 days and I can’t afford for it to be down another day.

↩ Reply
Alex 31 July 2012 at 19:34

I need help changing the photoes in the slideshow, I just can’t figure it out. Any advice would be great!

↩ Reply
juan modesto rodriguez 31 July 2012 at 21:03

La plantilla Creative es hermosa, muy dinámica, pero para los que hemos tenido los problemas planteados, como poner a deslizar fotos propias, quitar los textos y poner los propios, agregarle colores a la cabecera, etc., entonces no aparece una respuesta. Es la deficiencia que puedo decir de este producto, no hay manera de cutomizarla, si pudieran corregir ese “silencio” sería un éxito.

↩ Reply
Agung Kurniawan 5 August 2012 at 1:00

Nice Template…. I love It

↩ Reply
juan modesto rodriguez 5 August 2012 at 1:26

Todavía no consigo las respuesta a mis preguntas, no existe este mecanismo para los usuarios?

↩ Reply
Ladapa 26 September 2012 at 1:24

This template is look great, but I wish to change the name drop down menu could you tell me how to change it. Thank you.

↩ Reply
Sarah 28 October 2012 at 18:36

@Tamires Del Rey:

to change photos in the slider you have to play around with the html coding.

↩ Reply
Malik Asif 26 December 2012 at 12:50

Simply Gorgeous I like this templte v Much

↩ Reply
juan modesto rodriguez 26 December 2012 at 14:46

Excelente tema para moda o una revista. La he usado y me agrada su apariencia, aunque hay que hacer las modificaciones en la edición HTML.Para quien no tenga las instrucciones es algo con dificultades, pero en definitiva es un tema exitoso. Lástima que no tengo modo de mantener una página con temas de moda y tendencia.

↩ Reply
felicidad 8 April 2013 at 6:04

‘can someone please explain to me how i can put posts under the linked categories at the top? for example, how do i put separate posts in the business and downloads category?…”


↩ Reply
aldinosya 3 December 2013 at 22:21

I love it accepted the cation

↩ Reply
Chay 23 February 2014 at 13:10

How do i change the pictures in the slide show someone please tell me ? thank you all in advance

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