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Paradise Valley

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Template author:Ray Creations

Paradise Valley is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look, rounded corners, floral motifs and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or nature.

Download Paradise Valley for free in BTemplates.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 63 bloggers and 16 commenters.


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  1. renee 10 June 2009

    i would like to know how to replace the custom template in my blogger page with this one. hope you could help. thanks

  2. thepopsycho 11 June 2009

    download the zip file above and extract it(this should happen automatically when you click the downloaded file), what you’ll have is a folder with an .xml file inside, go to your blogger’s ‘layout’ page, then to ‘edit html’, click the ‘download full template link’ to make a backup of your current template, then use the ‘browse’ box to pick this template, then the ‘upload’ box to upload the .xml file from the folder you extracted, preview to see if you like it, and save.

  3. keliani* 11 June 2009

    I’ve got a question. How do I change the blog title’s position? I think it would be better to have it on the center, rather than in the right.

    Please, I need help with these codes D:

  4. yeyy 14 June 2009

    I so love this template. =)

  5. Dila 14 June 2009

    It’s beautiful…is it really for free?

  6. javier 25 June 2009

    esta buena

  7. javier 25 June 2009

    esta xvr

  8. javier 25 June 2009

    esta buenaza xvr y espero que se pegue bein en mi blog

  9. javier 25 June 2009

    me parece q esta bien xvr

  10. Luke 29 June 2009


    I really like the theme, and plan on using it. A quick question though… I think the theme name and link are a bit too big at the top, and I’d like to shrink them down a bit (or possibly even remove them). Naturally, I wouldn’t touch the copyright notice at the theme bottom and I’d leave all those links intact. What is your position on something like this? Is it all right, sort of okay or a definite no no? I of course fully respect the effort and time you’ve put into this, and if you dislike the notion of me toying around with it I’ll refrain from doing so.


  11. SEO 30 June 2009

    i’ve used to my seo site 🙂

  12. Ariadna 5 October 2009

    I desperate need help.
    How do i make my “blank raw” apear?
    I like to leave space between ideas.

    Pls help, because i really like this layout, but because of this inconvenience i will have to remove it.

  13. Eevee 9 October 2009

    I just added it to my blog and it looks great! Thankyou so much.

  14. Jeremy 25 November 2009

    For some reason disqus commenting doesn’t work with this… any recommendations?

  15. Claudia 25 November 2009

    We cannot offer support for Disqus. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you read carefuly the guidelines provided in I know there are two ways to install Disqus comments system: try with both.

  16. T.Vale 7 January 2010

    woooowwww nice…

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