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Edens Garden Blogger Template

Edens Garden

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About Edens Garden

Edens Garden is a free Blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look, rounded corners and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or nature.

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Author: Ray Creations.

29 Questions and comments on Edens Garden

Vesper 8 July 2009 at 4:57

Hi, thanks for the template. I love it for this season! It fits. However, I do need some help in regards with the “undefined” date. I tried changing it in the format/settings, etc. area, but that is not working. PLEASE let me know what else I can do, or if I am doing it correcting in making sure the date shows up as it is in your template: “Jul 7”. Thank you!

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ZooTemplates 8 July 2009 at 5:50

Like…. Beautiful Heaven…. Beautiful..

↩ Reply
Claudia 8 July 2009 at 6:16

Vesper: Change the HOUR FORMAT (TIMESTAMP) to the date today ;)

↩ Reply
Mau 8 July 2009 at 13:44

Hi i tried putting my flickr id but i cant, i dont find the code to put my id! HELP PLEASE!

↩ Reply
wan's blog 9 July 2009 at 11:39

hi,,thanx for the template..
i love it…

↩ Reply
Angel 9 July 2009 at 12:45

this is beautiful

↩ Reply
Melissa 10 July 2009 at 9:16

Can you tell me what to adjust to turn off the summarized post entries? Love the template but need full posts to show.

↩ Reply
emily cross 11 July 2009 at 11:12

I agree with Melissa, i would also like to know how to turn off the summarised posts.

↩ Reply
Nita 12 July 2009 at 11:40

HI! it is an amazing template but I need to fix the same isue that melisa and emily cross. I want to turn off the sumarized post ( and the pics thumbnaileds… into them)

any clue?

↩ Reply
emily cross 12 July 2009 at 16:47

Ok i found a section over in the html where the code mentioned summarising posts when i delete this section though, my most recent post shows up in full but overlaps over the other still summarised post?

Any suggestions?

↩ Reply
Joel 14 July 2009 at 4:23

I replaced my standard template with this one. I really like except for the fact that it doesn’t seem to support an Adsense Widget in the sidebar. I haven’t tried adding Adsense manually as a “HTML Widget” though. Perhaps it works that way. In any case, great template!

↩ Reply
Orijinal Delikanlı 14 July 2009 at 7:01

oldukça hoş yapmışlar. harika tasarım

↩ Reply
Ummi 19 July 2009 at 7:43

Nice template. Except that I prefer to display full post rather than the summary. Any idea how to fix it?

↩ Reply
sandi 25 July 2009 at 11:33

terima kasih atas template anda sangat berguna bagi saya

↩ Reply
Jo 3 August 2009 at 21:32

Did anyone figure out how to get our full posts to show? I want this layout, but if I can’t fix that then I am going to get another layout.

↩ Reply
Christina 27 August 2009 at 21:58

Is there a way to use a photostream from gallery or another source besides flickr? I don’t use a flickr account and know I wouldn’t keep it updated. I’d prefer to link it from facebook or my gallery account, etc.

Otherwise I love the layout!

↩ Reply
Charlene 30 August 2009 at 11:11

I LOVE this template… took me abut two hours to customize but I love the result. I didn’t thing I wanted the expandable posts but now that it’s up, I actually like it a lot better than when I showed full posts. I just added a note to my “Welcome” to make sure it was clear to readers to click the title to expand…

↩ Reply
turindra 11 January 2010 at 3:02

thanks for the template. I love farming, I write a blog for the advancement of agriculture in my country and I try to help farmers and agricultural extension through my blog. I have not found the right template for my blog, which is easily accessible, interesting, and certainly can help farmers in my country, can you help me?

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Csaba 19 April 2010 at 19:09

Hi all! I cant set up the date in the blue field, it always write: undefined! Pls help me, i try to set timestamp to current date, how Claudia writed before, but cant do it. Pls help, how can i set the correct date, ty.

↩ Reply
Claudia 19 April 2010 at 20:58

Go Settings/Formatting/Timestamp format -> Monday, April 19, 2010.

↩ Reply
Csaba 20 April 2010 at 2:25

Thank you Claudia, its works! I cant try this date format before, but it isnt enough, need to set the timestamp and date header at a same format. But now it works, ty another!

↩ Reply
Darlene 20 April 2010 at 19:46

Thank you Claudia! I was getting so frustrated with the whole ‘undefined’ thing till I read what you posted– Yahoo it works!

↩ Reply
adhy_dims 26 April 2010 at 3:16

thanks so much,ilike this template blog

↩ Reply
Brittany 8 May 2010 at 15:16

I can’t for the life of me figure out why, when I click download, it wont open properly. How do I get this for my blog? I’m so confused.

↩ Reply
Rhonda 31 May 2010 at 17:02

I love your template and I don’t mind the summaries but the photos with each summary are distorted. How do I fix this?

↩ Reply
tria 27 February 2011 at 22:11

i love this templete,i can use templete in my blog blue sky

↩ Reply
deviousDiv 10 April 2012 at 22:26

Hi- I really love this template- but I want to remove the auto summary thing as it makes the posts look really messy. Help me please?

↩ Reply
90animax 22 June 2012 at 11:54

i love this templete, thanks

↩ Reply
Trinka 16 February 2013 at 17:59

My page links do not work. I can click on the page but it only shows a summary–all my videos and links are gone. Please help!

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