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Night Sky

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Template author:Ray Creations

Night Sky is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, fresh look, rounded corners and grunge style.

Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary or nature.

Download Night Sky for free in BTemplates.

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4.5 out of 5 based on 344 bloggers and 107 commenters.


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  1. ZooTemplates 11 June 2009

    Good Image In Header… I Like It…. Very Beautifull… Thanks…

    You Convert It From Wp or You Design it Self?

  2. Claudia 11 June 2009

    Both. The design is from Ray Creations. He designs a theme for WordPress first, and then he brings to Blogger the same design 🙂

  3. punjabi shayari 11 June 2009

    punjabi shayari, good temp, just installed

  4. Ray Creations 11 June 2009

    Thanks for the compliment. All our designs are unique to Blogger. We mostly design for Blogger but if we get a request to convert to WordPress, we do it sometimes.

  5. mARiE 11 June 2009

    I LUV DIS template but i loved my usual template. huhu..
    mybe some day i’ll change my template.

  6. Venus 11 June 2009

    Hi, I loved this template but it doesn’t show the date from my old posts… how can i resolve it?

  7. Venus 11 June 2009

    I figured it out! thanks anyway

  8. 2 11 June 2009

    I couldn’t figure it out how to fix the date any tips please.
    Nice template.

  9. Claudia 11 June 2009

    Change the HOUR format to the date today. That will fix the date.

  10. Sumire 11 June 2009

    It does’nt work… :/
    I’ve just tried and I couldn’t change it….

  11. Ewa 12 June 2009

    I’m getting “Undeclared” instead of time and date for my posts. What do I need to do to change this so it displays the time and date of my post?

  12. Klodian 12 June 2009

    To fix the date check this image

  13. The Phoenix 12 June 2009

    I finally got a nice template I wanted for so long. Great work!

  14. Salman 12 June 2009

    Very nice I have downloaded the night sky template very nice


  15. Salman 12 June 2009

    Hi superb template I have downloaded it and uploading now


  16. C.B.TF 12 June 2009

    It’s beautiful but……..heave no label in the post ?

  17. keyifbar 13 June 2009

    great theme, but labels dont see on posting.

  18. emily cross 14 June 2009

    Beautiful!! Love it!

  19. knight00931 15 June 2009


  20. Claudya 16 June 2009

    Well, nice theme but after install it, my java codes don´t worked with it. Such a mess at my blog, to sad…

  21. An71qu3 16 June 2009

    Wow .. nice template and romantic but i have for you the number 1 muscule program from the Internet check out on our <a href=”Visit!“>blog page

  22. An71qu3 16 June 2009

    Wow .. nice template and romantic but i have for you the number 1 muscule program from the Internet check out on our blog page

  23. LN Agrawal 16 June 2009

    hello sir…
    i liked the template but i am not able to use it.. so pls help me out..

  24. Katrina 17 June 2009

    I uploaded this template but then decided I didn’t want it. Now its causing a big headache despite clearing out all the code and starting over. I was hoping for a little help because I don’t understand the code in this particular template that would have caused these problems or how to fix them.

    The template changed all my old posts to have the “comments” at the top; this is a problem because most all other templates have the comments at the bottom so having the comments link at the top pushes the rest of the post text over. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with new posts in a new template.

    The second problem is that there are two mysterious undefined’s at the top of each post. I think one is supposed to be the date because I don’t see that anywhere else. I have no idea what the other is.

    The third problem is the faint dotted line that is usually at the end of a post is not right through my post titles.

    My blog is if you want to see what I am talking about.

    I would appreciate your help so much! It’s a beautiful template, but not quite what I wanted.

  25. lily 18 June 2009

    I love the header, nice colours!!

  26. wolverine 18 June 2009

    Hi i cannot find where the sign in link is, after installing the template.. can someone help me?

  27. bmwx7 23 June 2009

    WOW! Its the best template I`ve ever seen! It`ll get the top raiting by downloads!!! you`ll see ;)))

  28. Omar 23 June 2009

    I downloaded this template and I think it looks amazing. But I am having a problem with it saying “Undefined” in the header to every post, and it’s knocking everything else out of place. Is there some way to fix that?

  29. mvehicle 25 June 2009

    Omar, just try to create (register) another free blog and apply this template.

    2. try to play with languages, i have some problems with serbian…. (see bashboard).

  30. Emily 25 June 2009

    Thanks for the beautiful template! I do have one question. When I post a video in my blog, for some reason a very large distorted picture shows up, under the video. I can’t find anything in the html that would be causing this, and I didn’t experience this with my previous template. If you want to see what I mean, I have 3 videos posted in this blog, all with the same effect. I would appreciate any suggestions on removing the pictures! Thanks!

  31. Annie 28 June 2009

    Hey!! i loved this template. It was jus wht i was searching for.. I hv uploaded it for my blog, bt i hv a tiny complaint.. more than 2 comments, come all messed up… can anyone fix that? it will be a great help…:)

  32. Emily 28 June 2009

    I downloaded this template for my blog, and love it! Thank you so much for this template! I do have one question, though. Whenever I post a video to my blog, under the video there is a large distorted picture of the first frame of the video. I don’t see anything in the html that would cause the picture; I checked the html in the individual post as well as the html of the template. To see what I mean, I have videos posted to three different posts here. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

  33. AF 29 June 2009

    Love it, love it love it more. This one is absolutely beautiful.

  34. Jenn 30 June 2009

    I tried using this template, but images in my post cannot be seen, and for certain images, this tiny image just blows up taking all the space.

    So sad for a nice template.

  35. kris 1 July 2009

    hi…nice template. but it can’t display my post dates…can u help me???

  36. Elaine 2 July 2009

    Such a nice theme, but too bad something distorted on my page, the java code. I would like to know if there any way to return it in shape?

  37. skywind 4 July 2009

    Has filled night’s mystical feeling.
    Health information & Humor & Fun World

  38. underjapan 16 July 2009

    the image in the header is pretty cool

  39. saim 16 July 2009

    I see there are xml codings in the template code for a search box n a flickr stream…but they r not visible on the page…ne way I can get them to be visible on the page??

  40. daiane 16 July 2009

    como eu faço para pegar esse código, onde devo ir? tah todo mundo falando para baixar o download, mas onde clik? tow perdida.Alguém me manda um e-mail com o html, please!!!!


    preciso muito da ajuda de vocês!!!

  41. Julie 16 July 2009

    Oi, sou uma fã desse blog e queria baixar esse template só que não aparece nada de download… poderia que dar uma ajuda?

  42. el que lee esto es gay 20 July 2009


  43. lazlo 23 July 2009

    a great image i think…

  44. Crystianne 23 July 2009

    Gente, amei esse template, mas ñ consigo baixar pro meu blog… Como faço?????????

  45. Kathleen P. 26 July 2009

    Love the header! Had to delete all widgets I had previously, but i think it’s worth the new template! Thanks so much.

  46. starfire 28 July 2009

    Well gee, I downloaded the zip and when I opened it it said:
    “Error while opening zip file.”

    Nothing appeared to be in the file. Can someone please help?
    I really like this template..

  47. karen 12 August 2009

    luv it ! is it possible to have the same template with the background in black instead of white ?

  48. teldair 19 August 2009

    Just dl’d this and love it. One prob – the letters in my title that are long or tall (like Y and F) get cut off on the top and bottom. Any idea how to resolve this?


  49. ND 21 August 2009
    Reply to get this code??

  50. Cosette 5 September 2009

    Hi. I downloaded and applied the Night Sky template to my Blogger blog. It looks beautiful, but I have a problem. Every photo I add, whether I upload it via Blogger/Picasa or embed it from Photobucket, gets sized up to 630×413. I can’t adjust it. Please advise. Thanks.

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