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ZinePress is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar and neutral colors.

Download ZinePress for free in BTemplates.

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  1. sglider12 17 February 2009

    Is it possible to have copies of all the images available for download? I would like to have the images on my own server. Thanks!

  2. Deluxe Templates 18 February 2009

    Yes you can,
    Go to Laylout –> Edit HTML –> and then search(CTRL+F) those words “.png” and “.gif” and “.jpg”
    After you find image url’s you can copy/paste open image and save you computer. That’s it.

  3. Alvaris Falcon 19 February 2009

    Wow this template is very elegant, loved the color scheme and RSS placement!

  4. zEEROCKz 19 February 2009

    Hi guys, Well, I’ve converted this template. Actually I also included all the image in the zip file but due to size limit, I had to submit the template only.

    Anyways, you can download full template with images from my site

    I will upload this template with images as soon as I can.

    And last but not least, FALCON I love your creations, actually its because of you guys that I have started to convert this templates, thank you so much for appreciation.

  5. Claudia 19 February 2009

    If you use Mozilla Firefox, it would de easiest:

    Go to: Tools/Page Information/Media/Save as (select all the images)

    Something like that 😛 I’m sorry, but at this moment I only hace FF in spanish.

  6. sglider12 21 February 2009

    Thanks guys. I actually knew how to do it, I just was wondering if they were available for download in a zip file.

    Anyway, I have another question. I noticed that in the comments section of the template, the sizes of the fonts make everything kinda messy. I know there is a way to change the font size, but I can’t find it in the template. Anyone know where it’s at?

    Look at this screenshot to see what I’m talking about:

    Everything just kinda blends together and is very messy… Thanks!

  7. shedigszombies 3 April 2009

    How do I get rid of the Read More function? I don’t want it to hide half of my post.. How do I stop it from doing that?

  8. Miss Terria 12 April 2009

    I want to add number of comments near post. anyone knows how to do this&

  9. 3 July 2009

    wew,,, good one,,,, take it….

  10. Hannah 17 August 2009

    Beautiful template, but I have 2 problems with this, hopefully someone can help me.

    1) I can’t seem to place Google Ads on the ad space given at the top, is it possible?

    2) The navigation bar text and links are totally missing on IE7.


  11. cara 20 July 2011

    What do I do with the 4 orange squares on the right? I’m new to the blogging game and have no idea what those are?! HELP PLEASE!

  12. Rahul Kangjam 1 August 2012

    i download for my coming project !!!thank anyway

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